Are you a man, or do you know a man, who has a tendency to self-sabotage?


The LATE Men are adult men who function like Lost, Angry TEenagers. These men tend to show up late – they’re late to mature as fully functioning adults and late to make or keep commitments. These men tend to self-sabotage, causing relationship distress, and problems at work and at home.

There are several types of LATE Men, and the following traits are prominent:

  • Narcissism – self-absorbed, sometimes grandiose, often entitled and arrogant
  • Identity confusion – a lack of clarity or a consistent and clear sense of self
  • Anger management problems – and they’re often passive-aggressive and defensive
  • Dependency – on wives and family (includes failure-to-launch millennials)
  • Addictions – including pornography, video games, and gambling, along with drugs/alcohol
  • Moodiness, irritability, shame, depression, and anxiety
  • Avoidance – socially and occupationally (often due to insecurity and low self-confidence)

The LATE Men typically come from dysfunctional families – with divorced parents or broken homes, fathers who were emotionally or physically absent, mothers who were over-worked or overprotective, or they were abused emotionally or physically.

Counseling for men, or couple’s therapy with a special focus on male psychology, can help the LATE Men to become the loving, responsible Adults that most men truly want to be.

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