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What is the best treatment for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) & ADHD?

Is medication always necessary for ADD or ADHD?

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) & ADHD are considered brain-related disorders that usually develop during childhood (thus ADD is also known as a developmental disorder). Epidemiological studies indicate that as many as 6% of children and 5% of adults have this condition.

The core symptoms of ADD are inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity (restlessness in adults). Many types of behavioral symptoms are seen in Attention Deficit Disorder, including:

  • Distraction, forgetting details, and difficulty maintaining focus
  • Becoming bored, daydreaming, and difficulty processing information
  • Difficulty completing tasks, or following instructions
  • Fidgeting, squirming, or constantly in motion
  • Impatience, interrupting others, and inappropriate emotional comments

The most effective treatment for ADD & ADHD is usually a combination of counseling or therapy and medication.

Medication is not always necessary but is often very effective — and sometimes essential for ADD & ADHD. Stimulant medications such as Adderall, Vyvanse, and Concerta are usually the drug of choice for Attention Deficit Disorder. Counseling or therapy is almost always recommended for these disorders, with or without the use of medication.

Therapy and counseling methods for ADD & ADHD include:

  • Behavior Therapy
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Interpersonal Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Parent Education and Counseling

The specialists at the Relationship Center of South Florida have the training and experience to help people with ADD & ADHD to improve their productivity, develop new coping skills, and achieve success.

The counselors and therapists at our Center primarily treat adults with ADD, along with some older adolescents. Call today for more information about our services for people with Attention Deficit Disorder.

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