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Group Counseling

At the Relationship Center of South Florida, we offer the following types of groups:

Men’s Therapy Groups
A range of issues unique to men are addressed. Group methods include open discussion, support and feedback, and some action methods, including psychodrama. The issues addressed include relationships, self-confidence and the inner critic, dealing with emotions, anger management, life stress, anxiety and depression. Special attention is paid to men’s roles: husband, father, son, brother, work roles, and balancing the various role demands. A variety of counseling methods are used.

Women’s Therapy Groups
These therapy groups are conducted by female therapists who are sensitive to the circumstances and struggles women face today. The issues addressed include the pressures and demands women struggle with today, unreasonable expectations by others and by women themselves, depression, anxiety, and unhealthy patterns such as eating disorders, addictions, and relationship problems.

Groups for Couples
Our weekend Intensives and Workshops are uniquely designed for small groups of couples. Workshops are primarily educational, with some exercises to help couples understand their distressing relationship patterns; and the workshop provides tools to heal and strengthen the relationship bond. Weekend Intensives include some educational information and tools, along with intensive marriage ounseling for 3-5 couples. For further information about our Weekend Intensives and Workshops, please click here.

Advanced Recovery Groups: Addictions
The focus of these counseling groups is the advanced stages of recovery from all types of addiction: alcohol, drugs, and the “process” or “behavioral” addictions (sex and love, co-dependency, spending, food, gambling, etc.). The goal is to live life one day at a time, with serenity and freedom from compulsive dependency on people, places and things.

Recovery issues addressed will include coping with stress free from addictive behavior, relationship issues in recovery, managing emotional states such as anger and shame, and relapse prevention strategies. There are Advanced Recovery Groups for individuals in recovery and for family members.

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