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For ProfessionalsWorking with Relationship Center of South Florida

See our open positions here. For more about working here at the center with our team, keep reading.

Counselors and therapists join our practice to grow and advance their careers. Our Center includes psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, mental health counselors, and marriage and family therapists. We also provide opportunities for consultation, supervision, and training for all mental health professionals. The Relationship Center of South Florida has an excellent reputation in South Florida and is one of the busiest practices in Palm Beach County.

There are several opportunities available for mental health professionals at RCOSF:

  • Clinical Supervision
  • Peer Consultation
  • Consultation on Staff and Program Development
  • Staff Training and Workshops
  • Start a Private Practice at RCOSF
  • Become a Contract Therapist at RCOSF
  • Rent Office Space at RCOSF

Partnering with us

The Relationship Center of South Florida is a collaborative space where mental health professionals can practice, partner, and share skill sets and expertise. Our counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists routinely confer with other professionals to coordinate care and facilitate a holistic approach to treatment.

Clinical Supervision and Peer Consultation
Our Center provides clinical supervision to counselors and therapists with all levels of experience and training.

We also provide monthly peer consultation groups for interdisciplinary groups of counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists.

Connections™ Marriage Retreats and Couples Therapy Intensives
We offer therapists and counselors access to Connections – our award-winning marriage retreat and couples therapy intensives. We partner with marriage counselors and couples therapists and psychiatrists around the country to provide this intensive program. When traditional therapy fails to achieve the desired results, Connections has an astounding success rate and continues to receive praise from professionals and attendees. It is an integrative program that works well in almost any couples therapy approach.

The Connections program is offered at our Center in Boca Raton, FL, and is completed within one pre-scheduled weekend. Each Connections participant receives a copy of our Connections Workbook for Couples. A courtesy copy is available to all referring professionals.

  • The program improves traction and momentum for couples who are “stuck” – moves almost any couples therapy forward in a positive manner
  • Provides clarity and clinical direction for couples and their referring therapist
  • Facilitates a smooth transition back to the referring therapist for follow-up sessions and ongoing therapy – all couples are strongly encouraged to return to their referring therapist
  • Provides full reports and consultation for referring therapists

We welcome all mental health professionals; therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists to learn more about Connections. Schedule a comprehensive professional consultation about this intensive program and the benefits of referring to Connections.

Practice with us

Launch and develop a private practice with RCOSF today.
The Relationship Center of South Florida is a great place to open a new practice, or to develop and grow your existing practice.

Join RCOSF and build your practice with referrals from one of the busiest practices in South Florida. We provide flexible arrangements that include office rental and contract employment opportunities.
Contract therapists, counselors, and renters formally become RCOSF staff members and are profiled on our website and other marketing materials. Business cards and other marketing aids are provided free of charge.
Contract therapists can build a part-time or full-time practice with RCOSF. All overhead expenses are covered by the Center and include the use of our large, beautiful window offices, administrative, billing and scheduling services, marketing, and internet advertising. Clinical supervision is also available.
New opportunities and positions are available at RCOSF today!

The Relationship Center of South Florida currently has availability for:

    • Part-time contract therapists. Openings are available for licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, and counselors. Contract therapists are welcome to work only a few hours per week, daytime, evenings, and weekends – or they may build a full practice over time. We are currently looking for therapists with experience in:
      1. Women’s issues (anxiety, depression, self-esteem & body image, eating disorders, relationship issues, life transitions, and addictions)
      2. Marriage counseling and couples therapy
      3. Psychological assessment & neuropsychological testing
    • Part-time office rental – 2-3 days per week. Large, beautiful window offices in the Town Center area of Boca Raton, just off the Glades Rd. exit on Rt. 95. Rentals include high-speed internet service, the use of a newly redesigned waiting room, kitchen, and fax/copier. Renters may elect to have a profile on our popular website, and RCOSF business cards free of charge. Referrals are likely, and practice marketing assistance is available.

Consult with us

Clinical Supervision, Consultation, and Licensure

The Relationship Center of South Florida is a resource for all types of training, consultation, clinical supervision, peer consultation, and supervision for licensure.

  • Clinical supervision is available for licensed mental health professionals, and for those who need to meet State requirements for licensure.
  • Case consultation, staff and program development – Consultation for difficult or complex cases; group consultation for licensed and unlicensed counselors and therapists; consultation for staff and program development in mental health, chemical dependency, and dual diagnosis programs. Richard Loebl, LCSW, BCD, has over 35 years of experience in consultation, supervision, and program development.
  • Peer consultation – The Relationship Center of South Florida runs a long-standing peer consultation group. The group includes highly experienced psychiatrists and therapists who practice in a variety of settings throughout South Florida. Opportunities are available to join this group or to start a new group. Groups meet monthly, and members present difficult and complex cases on a rotating basis.

Staff training and workshops – Individually designed and tailored to meet training and development needs for a wide variety of staff groups, programs, and corporations. Topic areas include organizational development, treatment philosophy and methods, use of specific treatment methods (experiential, humanistic, psychodynamic, EFT, psychodrama, personal growth, and development), staff relationships, the therapeutic relationship, and others.

Work with us – we are welcoming new associates now

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