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School Adjustment

Has your child dropped out or refuses to attend school?

Is your child anxious, fearful, or depressed about school, or reacting negatively to teachers and other students?

Does your child or teenager refuse to do homework? Are your child’s grades dropping?

A school adjustment disorder is defined as problems in adapting to the school environment or to the role of being a student. The types of school adjustment problems that we often see at our Center include:

  • School Refusal. Truancy, unwillingness to attend school, or dropping out of school
  • Academic Difficulties. Problems completing assignments; poor study habits; poor performance on tests; grades dropping
  • Unusual Emotional Reactions. Anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, disinterest, anger
  • Interpersonal Problems. Negative attitude towards others; acting-out behavior; fighting; oppositional or defiant with teachers
  • Loneliness & Social Isolation. Shyness; introversion; disinterest socially

School adjustment counseling is very effective in helping children and adolescents become confident, motivated and successful academically and interpersonally.

The school adjustment specialists at the Relationship Center of South Florida work closely with children, their parents and teachers to develop the most effective, personalized plan to improve any aspect of academic and social functioning. Our approach to school adjustment counseling includes:

  • Individual counseling to help children and adolescents with the developmental challenges faced by many students
  • Consultation with school teachers and administration to provide appropriate support services
  • Contribute to an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) when necessary
  • Treat emotional and psychological problems associated with school performance problems
  • Family counseling (parenting issues, problems with siblings, home environment)

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