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Therapist Supervision

Clinical supervision is available at our Center for counselors and therapists working toward State licensure, and for experienced clinicians who want to consult with our expert staff.

Numerous opportunities are available for supervision and consultation:

    • Supervision for Therapists Seeking Licensure. Clinical supervision is provided for clinical social workers, mental health counselors, and marriage and family therapists. Weekly or biweekly supervision sessions generally meet the requirements of the State of Florida (100 hours of supervision are required for each 1500 hours of psychotherapy). Clinical supervision is tailored to the needs of each therapist and generally includes the clinical review of current cases, a focus on professional ethics, discussion of clinical methods, counseling theories, and relevant research findings, and an exploration of the therapist-client relationship.
    • Supervision for Licensed Therapists. Individual and group supervision for more experienced, licensed therapists may be provided on a regular (weekly or biweekly) or as-needed basis. This type of therapist supervision includes a clinical review of challenging cases, with a special focus on the therapist-client relationship.
    • Peer Consultation Groups. We currently operate 2 peer supervision groups at our Center. Each group is held once a month, on Fridays at noon. The groups include psychiatrists, counselors and therapists with a wide range of specialties and backgrounds. Cases are presented for feedback by the group, and clinical topics are presented and discussed. These groups also offer an excellent opportunity for networking with other clinicians.
      • Consultation and Training for Therapists. Training programs include workshops, group and individual supervision sessions designed to address specific clinical issues. Topics include men’s issues, relationships and couples counseling, the treatment of anxiety disorders, mindfulness and Eastern approaches to psychotherapy, solution-oriented brief therapy, hypnotherapy, treatment of addictions, managing clinically complex and challenging cases, and the management of transference and counter transference.

      Center staff providing clinical supervision, consultation and training include:

      Richard Loebl, LCSW, Board Certified Diplomate has provided clinical supervision and consultation for counselors and therapists for over 30 years. He’s a Certified Clinical Supervisor and Continuing Education Provider for counselors and therapists in the State of Florida, and provides supervision and consultation services for the following specialty areas:

        • Couples Therapy (Integrative, systems approach, with EFT; the Gottman Method; Relational Life Therapy)
        • Men’s Issues & Men in Relationships
        • The Science of Love & Relationships
        • Anxiety and Panic Disorders, PTSD, OCD
        • Depression and Bipolar Disorder
        • Personality Disorders
        • Who’s In Charge? — A self-help model for understanding & working with your internal parts


      Annette BoVee-Akyurek, Ph.D., LMHC, MFT, NCC, PT is an AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy) approved supervisor. Annette offers supervision from a systemic, relational perspective with specialty areas in Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and utilization of hypnotherapy skills in the therapy session. Annette utilizes a mind – body perspective and incorporates a variety of adjunct therapies in facilitation of well-being. She provides supervision and consultation services in a variety of specialty areas, including:

        • Anxiety
        • Relationship Issues (individual, couple, family)
        • Grief
        • Depression
        • Addiction
        • Stress Related Disorders (affecting mind & body)
        • Prevention & Wellness

      Karin Witte, LMHC is a Qualified Clinical Supervisor in the State of Florida and offers individual and group supervision for MHC & MFT interns with specialization in the following areas:

      • Integrative Therapy
      • Holistic Counseling
      • Relationship and Couples Therapy
      • Trauma Recovery and PTSD (including complex, developmental/attachment & single event)
      • Women’s Issues (including life transitions & empowerment)
      • Anxiety and Depressive Disorders (including grief and loss)
      • Borderline Personality Disorder
      • Inner Child Healing and Self-Esteem
      • Spiritual Growth and Development

      Karin’s therapeutic approach is based on unconditional positive regard, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of self and others – while honoring the connection between mind, body and spirit. Her integrative clinical focus is rooted in the principles of Humanistic, Rogerian, Transpersonal, Psychodynamic and Buddhist psychologies; with specific focus in trauma resolution, inner child healing and mindfulness practices to assist clients in overcoming the obstacles to creating positive change and personal growth

      Please contact us today to learn more about supervision, consultation and training services at our Center.

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