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Career & Work Issues

Are you stuck in a rut with career and work issues?

Is your job getting you down, causing too much stress, or creating relationship conflicts?

Do you want to change your career but you’re not sure where to start?

Professional counseling for career and work issues can help you to find the answers you need for satisfaction and success in your job or career. These are the most common reasons why people seek professional guidance and support for career and work issues:

  • Lack of job or career satisfaction or fulfillment
  • Work stress due to difficult co-workers or supervisors, excessive workload or unreasonable expectations, unfair employment practices, and other stressors
  • Difficulties with priorities, organization, time management, etc.
  • Problems focusing and concentrating; work avoidance
  • Demanding and micro-managing bosses
  • Difficulty finding a job, keeping a job, or deciding what type of work or career to pursue
  • Communication problems at work
  • Staff cutbacks or layoffs

We have the solutions and tools you need to find career and work satisfaction and success. The counselors and therapists at the Relationship Center of South Florida specialize in career and work issues. Our 8-step approach to career and work issues has a proven record of success.

  1. Assessment Stage (a clear understanding of all the contributing factors in career and work issues)
  2. Goal Setting (often the most challenging step – knowing exactly what you want is a big step in the right direction)
  3. Strategies (a specific outline of what needs to be done to address career and work issues)
  4. Career development strategies (what kind of job, where, and how)
  5. Work stress reduction techniques
  6. Setting priorities – planning your work and working your plan (organization and motivation)
  7. Mindfulness and interpersonal training (knowing yourself and others – managing yourself and others)
  8. Consultation and communication with others

Now is the time to get unstuck — contact us today to begin the rewarding process of transforming career and work issues into career and work satisfaction and success.

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