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Genuine Patient FeedbackClient reviews

I am finding great difficulty finding words adequate enough to express the sincere gratitude I have for what Richard Loebl and his incredible talent as a counselor, have done for my life. When I think of the impact Richard has had on my life, my initial thought has always been that he saved me… but when I think more deeply about how effective Richard has been, as well as how I’ve learned through our sessions, to handle any emotional challenge in a healthy manner, it’s made me realize, that he helped me understand how to save myself. There is no greater recommendation that I can give, than that of Richard Loebl and the RCOSF.

BrookeWashington DC

If you’re looking to understand and improve a relationship, this workshop is the single best investment you will make. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

J.C.Palm Beach County, FL

I want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to Richard for the difference he’s made in my life. His patience and understanding is something I’ve needed for a long time. Our counseling sessions have been a very, very positive experiences. Each session is honestly working toward a significant, positive change in my life. Richard is truly heaven sent.

Jennifer E.Palm Beach County, FL

This workshop is something any couple can truly benefit from, no matter how young, old, new or ongoing their relationship. It awakens the connection and the love between partners that can sometimes get buried and forgotten under the rubble of this hectic but beautiful day to day life.

Alisha & TroyPalm Beach County, FL

When I started counseling I was literally questioning my sanity. I’ve had many therapists and finally I can say that I’ve found one who is truly talented, with an uncanny ability to cut to the chase. Richard‘s gentle approach showed me I was not only sane, but a human being with incredible power and clarity.

Carol L.Orlando, FL

The “Who’s In Charge?” model improved my ability to manage my emotions; it introduced me to different ways of reacting emotionally to situations. I now recognize who’s in charge and allow myself to adjust to situations to make decisions that best suit me. Thank you Richard for this life changing model.

RoyBroward County, FL

Richard‘s kind and gentle manner created a safe environment in therapy for me to access the painful aspects of my process. He used all the tools at his disposal to facilitate success in my life. Richard’s approach helped me to improve my personal and business relationships, as well as my relationship with myself.

David S.Boynton Beach, FL

I’ve grown tremendously in the years I’ve seen Richard for counseling sessions. His unique “Who’s In Charge?” model helped make me aware that other parts of me were dominating my feelings.

Wayne T.Boca Raton, FL

My counseling sessions with Richard brought me to a greater understanding of myself in a relatively short time. Richard has tremendous gifts and certainly is pursuing his life’s calling … his wisdom as a therapist and his keen intuitiveness are well beyond what I expected. His counseling was a critical factor in bringing me through separate unexpected events of tragedy and trauma. He has been an invaluable guide and mentor who has championed my path for personal growth. I highly recommend him!

Jennifer B.Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I am very pleased with the level of personal growth I’ve achieved while in therapy with Richard. I’ve acquired the necessary tools to grow emotionally from being in therapy with him, and it has been essential in my gaining confidence and self love.

Frances J.Boynton Beach, FL

The “Who’s In Charge?” model Richard taught me has really helped me become more secure in myself and my relationship with others. The Inner Child may be afraid of hurt, but the Adult is here to protect him.

HenryPalm Beach County, FL