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Coping Skills

Do you or someone you know need better coping skills?

Has your life become unmanageable due to stress, relationship conflict, or unhealthy habits, such as overeating or alcohol and drug dependence?

All of us need coping skills to solve problems, handle conflicts with others and to deal with all types of stress in life. Coping skills, or coping strategies, are usually learned first in childhood, often by imitating or learning from our parents and other role models. Sometimes the coping skills we learned early in life are not effective — sometimes we need to learn more sophisticated coping skills to deal with the complexities and stress in life today.

Some coping strategies can become maladaptive and even cause more problems than they solve. For example, the excessive use of alcohol and drugs for coping with stress can lead to serious negative consequences. Defense mechanisms are another example of ineffective coping. These unconscious mechanisms, such as denial or blame, are potentially destructive emotional reactions to difficult or stressful situations. Excessive use of these ineffective or maladaptive coping skills can result in serious relationship problems, work or school adjustment problems, and can even contribute to anxiety disorders and depression.

Positive, healthy coping skills for solving personal and relationship problems can be learned and used to create happiness and success in all areas of life.

Our professional counselors and therapists at the Relationship Center of South Florida have many years of experience and training in teaching effective coping skills to adults, teenagers, children, and couples. Our approach to helping people learn these strategies for success include

  • Solution oriented coping skills (methods for solving specific problems)
  • Stress reduction coping skills (life balance, habits, relaxation and mindfulness skills)
  • Cognitive restructuring (changing negative, self-destructive thoughts and beliefs)
  • Behavioral strategies (creating a behavioral “menu” of healthy coping skills)
  • Relationship coping skills (communication skills, conflict solving skills, etc.)
  • Emotionally focused coping skills (anger management, emotional acceptance, self-love)

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