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Grief & Loss

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one, a separation or divorce, or the loss of a job?

Are you grieving a recent loss, or do you feel that your grief reaction is lasting too long?

Is your loss and grief reaction interfering with your life such that you’re unable to move on?

The loss of a close relationship, serious personal illness or injury, or the loss of a favorite pet can result in an extended grief reaction. There are normal experiences and stages that people go through after a serious loss. Kubler-Ross studied these stages in the 1960’s, and her research findings are still quite relevant.

  • Denial — including feelings of unreality and disbelief
  • Anger — at ourselves, others, and God
  • Bargaining — a result of helplessness and hopelessness (“‘ll do anything …”)
  • Depression — deep sadness, lethargy, lack of motivation
  • Acceptance

These stages may not be experienced sequentially, and they may overlap.

Counseling or therapy for grief and loss is not always necessary, but professional guidance and support can ease the process and facilitate recovery and acceptance.

It’s not uncommon for people to experience a more complicated or intensified grief and loss reaction. In that case, professional therapy or counseling is necessary. If a reaction to grief and loss is creating serious life problems at work or in relationships, if the emotional reaction is so distressing that daily functioning is compromised, if the grieving person is clinically depressed, then professional help should be arranged right away.

The grief and loss specialists at the Relationship Center of South Florida provide a safe and nurturing environment and supportive guidance during these painful life experiences. To learn more about our counseling and therapy services for grief and loss, please contact us today.

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