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Should we do regular couples therapy or a marriage retreat?

Couples therapy is generally conducted once every week or two, and the session length is usually 50-90 minutes. Couples therapy is proven to be highly effective, but our Connections program of couples therapy intensives accomplish more over a much shorter period of time. Thus, the Connections program is more cost-effective. During a one or two-day session couples learn a great deal about themselves, their partners, and their relationship patterns. We provide the tools couples need to improve communication, manage conflict productively, and improve all aspects of emotional and physical intimacy.

What is the difference between regular couples therapy and a marriage retreat?

Couples therapy is generally conducted once every week or two, for long periods of time, and the session length is usually 50-90 minutes. While traditional couples therapy is proven to be highly effective, marriage retreats, like our Connections program of couples therapy intensives, accomplish more over a one to two-day period.

How can I get my husband to do couples therapy?

Men are often reluctant to participate in therapy because they are taught growing up that a man needs to be strong and independent. They learn that emotional vulnerability is a sign of weakness. If you want your husband to join you in couples therapy, start by doing some of the legwork yourself. Find a therapist that you believe will be a good fit for him. Be open about your feelings and concerns without blame and without melodrama – be rational and let him know you want to work with him productively, and with his best interests at heart. Let him know that you love him and that couples therapy will help you to be a better partner.

How can I work on our marriage if my husband refuses couples therapy?

If your husband refuses to attend couples therapy with you, individual therapy with a relationship focus can help you to understand him and to make positive changes that could convince him to participate.

Can I use my health insurance at the Relationship Center of South Florida?

Yes. We accept most major health insurance policies and Medicare (including UBH, Optum, Cigna, Humana, and Aetna – we are in the process of credentialing for Blue Cross). Our administrative staff will manage all aspects of eligibility and filing for benefits. We have some therapists who take health insurance, and others are out of network. If you see a therapist who does not take your insurance, we can help you to file for out of network benefits.

Does this Center deal directly with women’s issues?

Our Center specializes in women’s issues, and we have several female therapists who are highly experienced in working with the unique challenges of women today. These issues include self-esteem and body image, empowering women to know and to speak their truth, the unique aspects of anxiety and depression in women, and finding purpose and fulfillment in life. Women want to know how to get unstuck, how to be the person they would like to be, and how to heal and repair relationships.

How long are therapy sessions?

Most individual therapy sessions are 45 minutes to one hour in length. Couples therapy may be 90 minutes in length.

How long will I be in therapy?

The course of therapy is determined by the nature of your situation and is discussed openly with your counselor or therapist. The number of sessions can range from 6-12 sessions for uncomplicated issues, to several months, depending on your goals for therapy.

Is all therapy and counseling confidential?

All sessions are strictly confidential, and our Center adheres to all HIPAA privacy policies.