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More Men Are Dying

During the COVID-19 pandemic, men are getting sick and dying at a higher rate than women. In previous articles, I’ve talked about men who tend to self-sabotage: The LATE Men. These are adult men who function like Lost, Angry Teenagers. These men are emotionally and behaviorally immature. Like teenagers, they are late to show up – late to mature, and late to behave in a responsible manner.

Negative Impacts of COVID Higher for Men

As of late July 2020, the rates of COVID-19 infections and loss of life have been skyrocketing. And these rates are disproportionately higher for men. A review of medical research reveals several facts and a few theories. The facts include:

  • More women are getting tested for the virus.
  • More men test positively for the coronavirus.
  • Men are twice as likely to die from COVID than women.
  • During this pandemic, domestic violence and other violent crimes have increased dramatically, and the perpetrators are far more likely to be men.

Why are men impacted more negatively than women? One theory holds that women are genetically blessed with better immune systems. This is partly because women have two X chromosomes, whereas men have only one – which is important when it comes to a coronavirus. However, this cannot fully explain the higher rates of infection and death, and it certainly will not explain an increase in violent behavior by men.

COVID-19 and The LATE Men

The LATE Men are emotionally and behaviorally immature – just like many teenagers who have not developed mature adult conscientiousness. They are often irresponsible and impulsive. These adult men are late to mature due to childhood injuries such as abandonment, abuse, and bullying – and they have been negatively influenced by the old, traditional Male Code (be a man, don’t cry, be brave and strong, don’t complain, do it yourself, don’t depend on others, etc., etc., ad nauseum).

There are at least 4 major characteristics of LATE Men that contribute to these problems:

  1. Denial and avoidance – The LATE Men don’t think it will happen to them. They deny the risks. And they tend to avoid responsibility (“I’ll do it tomorrow”). Men are less likely to practice social distancing and don’t wash their hands as often as women. And they are less likely to get tested or take symptoms seriously. The LATE Men have an invincibility syndrome (“It won’t happen to me”).
  2. Impulsivity and entitlement – Men are generally more likely to take unnecessary risks with their health, their lives, and the lives of others. The LATE Men have a sense of entitlement where they feel they have the right to do what they want to do – regardless of the impact on themselves and others. Addictions of all types are examples of impulsive behavior and entitlement.
  3. Poor self-care – Men are more likely than women to smoke, drink excessively, use addictive drugs, and eat an unhealthy diet. And men are less likely to see doctors on a regular basis (or they wait too long). The LATE Men have more heart disease and higher blood pressure than women, among other problems. And these problems are positively associated with negative outcomes from this coronavirus.
  4. Anger and aggression – The LATE Men tend to be angry. Sometimes the anger is obvious, and sometimes it’s passive-aggressive (the teeth behind the smile). Anger and aggression result in controlling and demanding behavior, rage, and bullying. These incidents have increased dramatically during the age of COVID-19. Most of us are frustrated, anxious, and/or depressed because of the shut-downs, the resulting economic downturn, and an atmosphere of fear and distrust. The LATE Men are more likely to act out negatively when they experience this level of frustration and disappointment.

There’s hope for The LATE Men, their friends, and families. Counseling for men is effective in teaching them how to combine strength and power with love and empathy. With the right kind of encouragement, they will even wash their hands and wear a face mask! For further information about The LATE Men, please contact us today.

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