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My boutique psychotherapy practice offers tailored concierge services to meet your individual needs. My specialties include addiction, relationship issues, adult child issues related to growing up in dysfunctional family systems and trauma recovery. I believe that we are born with certain genetic tendencies which are affected by childhood, family and life experiences. My treatment philosophy is based on the belief that we can all overcome negative coping mechanisms, thought processes and behaviors through psychotherapy and the willingness to make life changes that will support our goals.

I am a licensed psychotherapist who serves a population comprised of individuals with demanding jobs and lifestyles including executives, celebrities, busy professionals and others seeking to maximize their full potential.  My tailored concierge packages include text messaging, telephone calls, and Skype sessions in addition to weekly in-person 90 minute psychotherapy sessions. Therapy sessions may be pre-scheduled to accommodate clients when they are traveling or when other demands get in the way.

Together we will identify your goals and determine strategic methods to meet those goals. We will explore and identify emotional, psychological, and relational patterns in your life that have been beneficial as well as those which may be barriers to reaching your identified goals. My therapeutic approach is an integration of therapeutic modalities that include coaching, traditional psychotherapy and trauma based techniques such as EMDR. We will work together to determine the best approach to meet your needs while providing a safe, supportive therapeutic space for you to succeed. Whether seeking a personalized concierge package or traditional weekly individual therapy sessions, I’m dedicated to helping my clients on their journeys toward improved emotional and mental well being.

One of my specialties include a personalized therapy process for those recovering from addictions including substances, relationship, love and sexual addiction.  In order to best meet your needs I am able to incorporate weekly random urinalysis screens or SoberLink monitoring when necessary or desired. This testing provides the accountability needed when one is working toward changing patterns related to addictive behaviors. My addiction recovery program is tailored and individualized to best meet my client’s needs.

Sherry has worked in Substance Abuse Treatment programs, Co-occurring Treatment programs and in private practice settings throughout her career. Sherry earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Florida and her Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University.  Sherry is an approved Qualified Supervisor for Social Work interns working toward their licensure. My website is