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Did you know that gratitude is a leading cause of happiness?

There is a considerable amount of research evidence indicating the regular practice of gratitude – giving thanks – makes us both happier and healthier. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis is linked to an improved immune system, lower blood pressure, less depression and anxiety, and more happiness and well-being (R. Emmons, Ph.D.).

When we savor and appreciate the positives in our lives we create serenity, satisfaction and contentment (Martin Seligman, Ph.D.).

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough. Meister Eckhart

The mindful practice of gratitude helps us to focus on the good things that happen to us – and to practice appreciation in our daily lives. We remember to say thank you and to appreciate the people around us. Gratitude is also an emotion – a sense of wonder and thankfulness for life itself (Seligman). We can also practice gratitude when we meditate – “Give negative thoughts a hug, and move on…” – and a daily practice of writing in a journal 5 people and things we are grateful for today.

All of us at the Relationship Center Of South Florida are grateful for your support and your presence in our lives. We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, filled with love and gratitude.