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Connections Workbook For Couples

Connections Workbook For Couples

Paperback – June 1, 2018
By Richard J. Loebl, LCSW, BCD

This Workbook for Couples is based on the popular Connections™ program of marriage retreats and couples therapy intensives. The workbook is a collection of exercises and articles designed to help couples in the pursuit of a more secure, satisfying, and successful relationship. Learn about the new science of love and the art of creating a loving partnership.

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Workbook Details

  • Coil bound paperback – 96 pages
  • 8 ½” X 11″ pages
  • Five major sections with narrative and exercises
    1. The Science of Love, Marriage, and Relationship
    2. The Nature of Relationship Distress
    3. The Individual in the Relationship
    4. The Relationship Dance
    5. Relationship Repair and Creative Solutions
  • 26 self-help exercises for relationship enhancement


You’ve done a wonderful piece of work here. It is VERY well-written – clear, organized, readable, interesting. I think it pulls together a LOT of theories, ideas, practical suggestions, and resources.

Gloria Mog, LCSWCertified Imago Relationship Therapist, Falls Church, VA

This program is something that any couple can truly benefit from, no matter how young, old, new or ongoing your relationship is. It awakens the connection and the love between partners that can sometimes get buried and forgotten…

T.B.Boca Raton, FL

We both learned a lot about ourselves and about each other. Implementing what we learned has made a difference in our relationship and alleviated much of the tension in our home.

E.M.Coral Springs, FL

If you are looking to understand how to improve a relationship, this is the single best investment you will make. I recommend it whole-heartedly.

J.S.Boca Raton, FL

It awakens the connection and love between partners that can sometimes get buried and forgotten under the rubble of this hectic but beautiful day to day life.

Amanda and KurtPalm Beach, FL

About The Author

Richard J. Loebl, LCSW, BCD is a Board Certified Psychotherapist, and Founder and Director of the Relationship Center of South Florida. Richard created the Connections™ program of marriage retreats and couples therapy intensives. He is the author of many articles about relationships and couples therapy. He also developed a model for understanding men’s issues called The LATE Men (adult men who self-sabotage and function developmentally as Lost, Angry Teenagers). In practice for over 40 years, Richard writes with a personal, yet authoritative style reflecting his broad experience in the field, as well as his own journey of personal growth and development.