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Counseling For Young Adults

Are you a Millennial – also known as “Generation Y”?

Are you a young adult and feel stuck figuring out who you want to be? Do you feel stressed
about college or early career difficulties?

Young adults, generally in their 20’s, often struggle with societal and parental pressure to
“succeed” – or at least to move out of the house and become self-supporting. This pressure
can result in motivational problems – to work productively toward various life goals. Many
young professionals and college students are unsure of what direction to take as they navigate
intimidating new social and professional roles.

Many young adults struggle with

o Identity issues
o Motivation (school and work or career)
o Low self-esteem and self-doubt
o Fears, anxiety, insecurities & shyness
o Depression (sadness and withdrawal from others)
o Relationship and family problems
o Career, academic, and financial stress
o Drug and alcohol abuse or addiction

When you’re feeling stressed, unmotivated or stuck, therapy can help. At RCOSF, our therapists
and counselors are able to provide a trusting, supportive environment to explore these
difficulties, and find new ways of coping with the stress of being a young adult. Therapy can
also assist you in finding meaning and purpose in life and help you work toward important

Our Center includes young adult counselors who are highly trained and experienced in
working with “Millennials”.
All of the therapists and counselors at the Relationship Center of
South Florida are dedicated to creating a safe, confidential, and friendly environment to help
young adults with the challenges they face today.

Appointments are available – we are welcoming new clients

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