Connections Workbook For Couples

The Workbook That Has Helped Hundreds of Couples Reconnect

The same workbook from the award-winning Connections™ retreat and couples intensive program. For couples looking to create loving connection, trust and partnership.

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What To Expect In The Workbook

  • A modern approach to successfully strengthening relationships on a foundation of trust and partnership
  • Exercises that help unlock a new understanding of love and deep emotional connections to others
  • 5 key sections that explore The science of relationships, relationship distress, individualism, behaviors and patterns, and repair and healing

Workbook Details

  • Coil bound paperback – 96 pages
  • 8 ½” X 11″ pages
  • Five major sections with narrative and exercises
    1. The Science of Love, Marriage, and Relationship
    2. The Nature of Relationship Distress
    3. The Individual in the Relationship
    4. The Relationship Dance
    5. Relationship Repair and Creative Solutions
  • 26 self-help exercises for relationship enhancement

The Connections™ workbook is not intended to be a replacement for marriage counseling and retreats, or couples therapy. For couples who are experiencing significant distress, conflict, and disconnection, we encourage professional couples therapy, and we hope you will consider our Connections marriage retreats and intensives.