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Welcome to Connections

Watch our welcome video now and learn more about the Connections™ program.

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Marriage Retreats - Connections

What To Expect And Plan For Next

  1. A Connections™ coordinator will assist you with the enrollment and information required for a successful intensive. When you arrive at the Relationship Center of South Florida, you and the Connections™ staff will be fully prepared to begin your retreat.
  2. There are numerous accommodations near our Center appropriate for all budgets. For South Florida residents, we are easily accessible, just off Rt. 95. Our spacious offices are comfortable, relaxing, and well-equipped for your visit.
  3. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for you – everything from fees to accommodations and details about the program is covered. Please see our FAQs here.

Weekend Intensives Get Results

As mentioned, our intensives are conducted over a one or two-day period and start promptly on schedule. As we work through the Connections program, your instructor will ensure time for meaningful discussions, exploring feelings, and working through any challenges. As well as making sure there is ample time to reflect, regroup, or simply take a few breaks while we work. There is no pressure, no judgment, and we focus on your comfort to maximize the benefits of the Connections retreat. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.