Are you powerless over alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs?

Has your chemical dependency caused problems for you at school, work or in relationships? Have you completed a treatment or rehabilitation program and want to devote more time to your personal growth and development?

Have you mostly been clean and sober, but you need more support to avoid a relapse?

We specialize in relapse prevention and other services for people who have completed inpatient or intensive outpatient rehabilitation, along with families and significant others who are impacted by chemical dependency. Our program is also ideal for people who have experienced periods of sobriety but continue to struggle with relapse or life problems associated with chemical dependency.

Our Advanced Recovery Services are designed to provide an advanced level of support, guidance and counseling for various types of problems associated with chemical dependency:

  • Alcohol, drug and prescription medication abuse, dependency and addiction
  • Dual diagnoses (co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, and childhood trauma along with chemical dependency)
  • A pattern of relapse after periods of sobriety
  • Marital and family problems due to chemical dependency and the recovery process
  • Obsessive cravings for alcohol or drugs even after a period of sobriety
  • Guilt and shame related to chemical dependency

Is chemical dependence a disease? What’s the difference between substance abuse, addiction, and chemical dependency?

There’s still some controversy, even within the field of chemical dependency, regarding definitions and classification. At the Relationship Center of South Florida, our Advanced Recovery Services staff is primarily concerned about the distressing consequences of chemical dependency and we therefore focus on the real possibility for recovery and a return to healthy and productive life — a life of serenity and happiness.

Regarding definitions, perhaps Father Joe Martin, the famous recovering alcoholic priest who helped thousands of people to recover from chemical dependency, said it best: “Alcoholism is drinking that causes serious life problems.” Of course, this definition would apply to drug addiction as well. Generally, the primary signs of chemical dependency include:

  • Patterns of use that result in personal distress and compromise normal functioning
  • Continued use of substances despite significant distress and impairment
  • Cravings and relapse despite attempts to discontinue use of substances
  • Physical symptoms of tolerance to and withdrawal from substances

For additional information regarding our program of individual, group, and family counseling for chemical dependency, please see Advanced Recovery Services or call us today to arrange for a consultation with our expert staff.

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